Islamic Finance

MTC has the privileged position of being the most experienced firm in Pakistan as far structuring of Islamic / Shariah compliant financing transactions are concerned.

Our firm is highly experienced in Islamic financing transactions including ijara, istisna'a, murabaha, musharaka, diminishing musharaka and sukuk issues backed by underlying Shariah compliant transaction. Our expertise also extends to Sharia compliant acquisition and real estate financing transactions which sometimes also involves merging conventional and Sharia compliant financing modes.

Some of the Islamic financing transactions that our firm has been involved in include:

  • Al-Asif Sugar Mills Sukuk Issue;
  • Amtex Limited Sukuk Issue;
  • Sui Southern Gas Company Limited Sukuk Issue;
  • Sitara Chemical Industries Limited Sukuk Issue;
  • Sitrara Energy Limited;
  • PACE Pakistan Limited;
  • Eden Housing Limited;
  • Pak Elektron Limited;
  • New Allied Electronics Industries (Private) Limited Sukuk Issue;
  • Sitara Energy Limited Private Placed Sukuk Issue;
  • B.R.R. Guardian Modaraba Sukuk Issue;
  • House Building Finance Corporation Limited Sukuk Issue;
  • Century Paper and Board Mills Limited Sukuk Issue;
  • Security Leasing Corporation Limited Sukuk Issue;
  • Kohat Cement Company Limited (Musharaka);
  • Mecca Sugar Mills Limited (Musharaka);
  • Sui Southern Gas Company Limited (Musharaka); and
  • Hilton Pharma (Private) Limited (Musharaka).

In addition to the numerous Islamic financing transactions concluded by the firm, MTC has also helped develop the structure for and drafted the standard Islamic transaction documents with respect to Musharka and Ijara facilities for Emirates Global Islamic Bank Limited in Pakistan.