MTC provides extensive litigation services, with specialization in banking and finance litigation and company jurisdiction matters. Our lawyers have rights of audience from the Subordinate Courts all the way to the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

MTC has handled several constitutional, commercial and civil matters before the Supreme Court. We recently successfully represented a company against a trade union at the Supreme Court, whereby the entire claims of the trade union were rejected by the Supreme Court.

We have represented and are currently representing clients in international arbitrations under the ICC Rules of Arbitration and Arbitration Rules of the Singapore International Arbitration Centre and in local arbitrations under the Arbitration Act, 1940 of Pakistan.

We have also advised clients in relation to arbitrations taking place by and under the rules of International Cotton Association, Liverpool, UK.

MTC has also developed an expertise in the new Competition laws, rules and regulations and has conducted workshops / seminars for corporations in which we trained the legal advisors and managers of such corporations on the new laws and methods vide which to get approvals and exemptions under the new laws.

Competition Litigation is different to other types of litigation in that it involves developing both legal and economic arguments. Thus the reason for our firm quickly developing an expertise in this area is that quite a number of our lawyers also have business/financial/economic training. We have successfully obtained approvals for several mergers for our clients from the Competition Commission of Pakistan. Similarly we have also successfully obtained exemptions for uncompetitive clauses in agreements from the Competition Commission.

We realize that a very high percentage of legal disputes in Pakistan relate to property disputes. Thus apart from all our litigation lawyers being involved in property litigation, we have three specialists who work in and provide opinions on all property related matters. Thus it is no surprise that MTC has represented clients in some of the biggest property cases and transactions in Pakistan.

MTC frequently represents clients against various tax authorities in relation to income tax, customs and excise, property tax and municipal tax). Furthermore we have vast experience in conducting appeals in the superior courts against the decisions of such authorities. We are currently representing clients in the superior courts against the imposition of welfare tax, stamp duty and fire tax.

Our firm has extensive experience in both local and international arbitration and we have advised and represented our clients in several arbitration proceedings under Pakistan Law and at different international arbitration forums including ICC Arbitration as per the ICC Rules of Arbitration in Dubai and Singapore, arbitration proceedings in Singapore in accordance with the Arbitration Rules of the Singapore International Arbitration Center, arbitration proceedings in England under the Rules and Byelaws of the International Cotton Association Limited.