Private Equity

Apart from the numerous merger and acquisition transactions that the firm has been concerned with, MTC has extensive experience in respect of private equity transactions.

We advise clients at every stage, from establishing the fund and making investments, to ongoing portfolio assistance including restructuring advice, to exiting from those investments.

We help our clients structure the best investment methods suitable for them, from helping sponsors positioning themselves, to ensuring that they are the lead equity sponsor when looking at M&A situations, to clubbing together to compete for distressed assets.

Some of the private equity transactions that our firm has been involved in include the following:

  • Private equity injection in the Beaconhouse Group of Companies in Pakistan;
  • Private equity injection by in Optimus Limited;
  • Private equity injection in Gujranwala Energy Limited;
  • Private equity injection in SignSource Limited;
  • Private equity injection in Atlas Bank Limited;
  • Private equity injection in KASB Capital Limited;
  • Private equity in Webdna Works Limited; and
  • Private equity in the Sachal Group of Companies.