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Muhammad Shahzad Ashraf

Position: Partner
Categories: Partner
Location: Karachi

Muhammad Shahzad Ashraf, Advocate High Court and Solicitor of Senior Courts of England & Wales (Regulated by SRA), is a partner of the firm and has been practicing as an advocate at Karachi for over 18 years. Mr. Ashraf appears before the High Courts, Banking Courts and District Courts of Pakistan. Shahzad’s area of expertise includes property and real estate matters and he is actively involved in opining and advising on matters relating to property / security documentation, rent laws and company matters as well as matters relating to commercial, banking and financial transactions. In addition, he advises on intellectual property matters including registration, assignment and licensing of patents, trademarks and copyrights.


  • B.SC., LL.B, QLTT (UK)


  • Sindh High Court Bar Association
  • The Law Society of England & Wales